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Foldable Laptop Stand

Foldable Laptop Stand

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Foldable Laptop Stand is made up of ergonomic design which helps you balance your health and work by keeps your back and wrist less tired even after long work hours. It is made up of steel and silica rubber making it rough and tough to use yet give it elegant looks. Very lightweight at 350gm only and extremely handy to use because it's a foldable and portable table. Moreover, it is highly suitable for carrying up to 4 Kgs heavy laptop since it's made of steel.


Light & Foldable

The lightweight foldable laptop table is designed with superior quality material making it the right size and also helping you use your laptop more comfortably, hence making you more comfortable and more productive. It has an ergonomic design which helps your back and wrist to get less or minimum fatigued using a laptop.



The foldable laptop table has two adjustable angles for viewing ease and it is highly suitable in carrying a good amount of weight of a 17 Inches laptop, it being stable along with its metal frame. So you do not have to worry about bending legs like of other flimsy laptop stands.


It is made up of steel and silica rubber material that makes it rough and tough to use yet give it elegant looks.


  • Materials: Steel & Silica Rubber
  • Supports: 17 inch and smaller laptops
  • Light & Foldable
  • Height and Angle Adjustment



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